Who is Sandy Esprit?


Hey! Thank you for coming. I’m a new mom or as I like to call it a “mother-in-training”. I have a beautiful toddler who keeps me on my toes and teaches me more about life than I thought I could learn in such a short time, I thought why not share it here? Here I share the good, the bad and all the weird joys of motherhood.

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Hello February! Happy Black History Month. Every February I look at this little face and I see her enthusiasm. I don't want to feel like she's limited because of the curls on head or the melanin in her skin. So many have made stride before us to make sure that this is isn't an issue but I can't help but feel this way due to some of the experiences I've gone through. So this year I'll be sharing in my stories black women who I strongly will make HISTORY! They will pave the way for this little girl and every girl so that they never feel like they are inhibited by their look but enabled by the light they carry on the inside. Do you know someone who will make HISTORY? Tag them in the comment section . FYI: I wrote a blog about making bath time pretty awesome. We have so much fun. The link is in my bio if you want to check it out. #blackhistorymonth #blackgirlmagic #historymakers

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